Prepaid credit cards could help avoid ‘holiday hangovers’

A new survey has revealed the biggest problem Britons have coming back from their summer holidays is the impact it has had on their finances.

Prepaid credit cards may help prevent one of the biggest reasons for people feeling glum when they come back from their summer holidays.

While such a break is a good time for many people to get away from the rat race, enjoy a bit of sunshine, have fun and visit interesting places, the reality can be a bit different for some.

A poll by has revealed many people have "hangovers" when they come home that have little to do with the last drink before flying home and everything to do with a bad experience – with money topping the list of reasons for feeling gloomy once back home.

It revealed 31 per cent found their trip cost more than they anticipated, while nearly one in five will still be paying for this year's trip in 2012.

Money problems were cited as the biggest issue ahead of familiar "holiday from hell" experiences such as the resort failing to match up to the brochure, travel delays, bad food, unfriendly or unhelpful resort staff and illness.

Other common issues included bad weather, being the victims of crime and other Britons behaving badly, but none of these were as frequent as the cost issue.

Head of travel at Jeremy Cryer said: "While there is little we can do about the weather spoiling our holiday, we can take steps to be better organised financially and better protected should the worst happen when we are abroad. Budgeting for a holiday should include some contingency planning for extra meals out, trips or gifts."

Having a prepaid card can help with managing money because those travelling overseas can add on no more money than can easily be budgeted for, making it possible to keep an eye on spending while away from home.

And in the event that an emergency makes it vital to spend more, extra cash can be loaded on online at an internet cafe or similar facilities in a hotel.

The failure of many Britons to carry out budget planning for their holidays and stick to it was emphasised by a recent Thompson Holidays poll showing 57 per cent of Britons do not watch what they spend while abroad.

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