Proving it’s possible

Financial services shouldn’t get in the way of life, they should enrich it. Although we’re not a bank, we build on 14 years of success, to continue to create the UK’s most seamless banking services experience. From introducing the first UK prepaid card to being the first non-bank to offer a current account, we’ve been offering innovative products to 1.6 million customers long before the new guys showed up.

Leading the fintech revolution before ‘fintech’ was a thing. Cashplus is one of the original UK non-bank challengers to banks, and the only one to become profitable.

First things first  

Let’s get straight to the point. There are certain features you just expect from a current account.

So before we get onto the latest and greatest things we’ve been working on, we want you to know that we’ve got the basics down:

  • Unique Account Number and Sort Code
  • Same day payments in and out of your account
  • Contactless Debit Mastercard
  • Online Servicing and Mobile App

Fast. Simple. Smart

Managing your money’s probably never going to be fun – we get that.

So we’ve focused instead on making it the easiest and fastest it can be.

Cashplus. Where opening your current account can be as quick and painless as ordering your Friday night takeaway from your favourite delivery app.

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