Are consumers fretting daily about budget management?

Adults are said to be worrying every day for around half an hour about money management issues and work.

Budget management concerns due to job security and the rise of living costs could be the reason why so many Britons find themselves spending more than half an hour a day fretting.

According to a recent survey by cancer charity Everyman, the average UK consumer spends 36 minutes every day worrying, which could be related to rising debts, money management, their prospects and looking after dependants.

Clinical psychotherapist specialising in life skills development Terri Bodel, also known as The Stress Doctor, stated that it was no surprise cash concerns are playing on the minds of so many people in the country.

She noted that the weak economy has not helped people who would already have been trying to make ends meet and that for the British industry recession still is not entirely over as the threat of redundancy looms large for many working in organisations struggling to keep afloat.

The expert – who is also deputy chairman of the National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists – claimed she knows of certain firms that have sent out so-called risk letters, giving their staff a heads-up about the situation the organisation is in and forewarning employees that their jobs could be in the firing line, which then makes the recipients of such notices more concerned.

"If they're made redundant they're losing their financial income – how are they going to cover everything," Ms Bodel stated.

Money management tools – such as pay as you go credit cards – could be a crumb of comfort to consumers wanting to become a better budget master, as these devices could help some people set cash aside for specific purposes such as tackling debt of paying for fuel.

When asked if it came as a surprise in the Everyman survey that money and work were main things consumers fret about, Ms Bodel claimed it was not.

"Work is really a primary part of our lives, and anything that goes on there is going to impact on us. Finances are going to impact on all areas of our lives – home, work, social, everything. So they are probably the two primary factors for stress," she remarked.

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