How icount can save you from bank account frustrations

Finding the perfect bank account isn’t easy, our guide could help you decide what kind of bank account is right for you.

A bank account has become a necessity for living a normal daily life. From paying bills to managing income, getting your bank account right the first time is essential.

Finding the perfect bank account isn’t easy, however, with so many different options and a host of different hoops to jump through, it can seem like an impossible task.

In a recent survey we carried out, we asked a host of different UK bank account holders what their biggest frustrations were with high street banking. We discovered many different pressure points that can cause issues and delays when trying to manage your bank account.

Beat the in-branch queue

banking frustrations infographic

All you have to do is step foot in a bank during rush hour and you’ll find yourself lost in a queue often stretching out of the door.

Despite the British being experts at queuing, many of us want to be able to get our problem or query solved quickly and easily, without the need to stand in line. These days, you can often solve simple bank account issues with an online account, which is where an icount current account lends itself perfectly.

Flexible Finances – Easily transfer and deposit money online

Using the online customer area, it’s quick and easy to make a deposit or a withdrawal from your current account. This eliminates the need to ever go into a post office or bank branch to deal with these simple transactions.


Thinking of applying for icount?

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With an online account, you have the ability to log in and check your balance and any standing orders or direct debits that may have been set up on your account. This also eliminates the need for forms and documents that you have to keep and store offline.

Moving to digital banking offers you more freedom and flexibility with your finances.    

Set up your account, direct debits and standing orders with a simple click

When it comes to opening a bank account, many customers find the submission process to be convoluted and stressful. With documents and agreements piling up, everything can get a little overwhelming.

banking paperwork frustrations

Setting up direct debits or standing orders can be a hassle, should you have to resort to manual methods of setup. Gone are the days of having to fill out agreements and send them by post to your bank. These days, you can log on to your online account and set them up with the click of a button.

Bypass poor customer service

Automated phone services that seem to take you around in circles and customer service representatives that can only offer you limited information. These are just a couple of examples of when poor customer service becomes a frustration for Brits.

With the move to online bank accounts, the amount of online customer service features have vastly improved. From instant messaging with a representative, to receiving advice through social media. There are now plenty of ways to talk directly to your bank without having to step foot in a physical branch.      

Take advantage of our customer service cheat sheet

Here at icount, we use an automated phone service that aims to get your query answered within minutes, directly transferring you to the best representative for you. We also provide a cheat sheet to help you quickly choose your options and speed up the process.

Customer service when you need it

We also offer a number of different ways for you to get in contact, so you can choose the method that you feel most comfortable with. From our customer services line to our postal address, there are plenty of ways to quickly and easily get high-quality customer service from icount.    

Find out how to contact us, here.

No whistles and bells

Having to deal directly with your bank, can often lead to you being mis-sold services and features that you don’t really need. You may head into your local branch with the simple intention of making a deposit and leave with an overdraft that could potentially cause issues for you in the future.

Opting for a purely online way of managing your account means that you can keep your services as straightforward as possible. If you need an overdraft, you can apply online with a simple click of a button.

The i-draft for example, is a great alternative to an overdraft, offered alongside your icount account. The i-draft gives you a little more flexibility than regular overdraft. However, it’s completely optional and you apply when you feel you need it most!


Discover i-draft, the alternative overdraft service from icount

Prepaid card with online banking

Recent research revealed that online banking is the preferred method of banking across the board. It’s easy to see why with waiting times in branches or on convoluted automated calls makes banking longer than necessary.

Online banking has also proven essential for those with restricted mobility or those that are housebound. Customers are able to simply log on to their online account and manage their finances without leaving their home.

Having a current account with online banking is the perfect alternative to a traditional high street bank account. With the same features as a normal current account, an icount current account allows you more flexibility and freedom when it comes to managing your finances. 

A new way to build credit

Many people will fail to get the best deals due to their poor credit score, but with icount’s Creditbuilder™  feature, you could easily improve your credit rating.

As long as you keep up with your monthly repayments, we will make sure to report to credit agencies to help prove you are a creditworthy individual, which will help to improve your chances of being accepted for credit in the future.

Our infographic explains just some of the ways that credit scores can be improved, in just a few simple steps.

Only serving you with the essentials

At icount, the application process is in your hands. Simply log on and apply for the account that best suits you, it takes minutes! You can then choose any extras you might want to add according to your unique situation, including the i-draft or the Creditbuilder™

Opting for a current account with online banking will give you control of your finances. With no credit checks and plenty of optional extras to suit you, an icount current account is one of the best alternative current accounts on the market.

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