When will I receive my icount prepaid MasterCard?

Once your application process is complete, you will receive your account details immediately,* it can however take between 3-5 working days for you to receive your personalised icount prepaid MasterCard.

How do I access my 4 digit PIN number?

  • Activate your card and get your PIN by phone
  • Call 0330 024 0924**
  • Have your icount prepaid MasterCard to hand
  • Choose option 3 and then option 4
  • Enter your 16 digit card number and press the “#” key
  • Enter your date of birth (ddmmyy) and press the # key
  • Enter your expiry date on your card (mmyy) and press the # key
  • Enter your security code (You set this up when applying for the card)
  • Your will then have an option to have your PIN sent to you via SMS or by post

How can I pay my initial icount application fee?

1. By Debit card, Credit Card or prepaid card

  • Make a simple payment whilst signing up
  • Card and personal details are processed securely, protected by Verisign
  • This payment process can be used regardless of which tariff you are choosing to go for

If you don’t have a card to hand right now, dont worry! You can use the application status tracker after applying to pay for your card online. Please visit www.mycashplus.co.uk/tracker to complete your payment.

You’ll then need the ten digit application reference number that appeared on the confirmation email or letter that Cashplus sent to you after you applied.

2. By text (SMS)
If you’ve chosen a Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go card, you can pay for your card quickly and easily by text:

  • Choose ‘Pay by text’ when you apply, then follow the simple instructions onscreen, including texting the word ‘CARD’ to 07797 800601. All texts are charged at the standard text message rate set by your mobile phone provider
  • You’ll receive a text message containing an eight character payment confirmation code
  • Just enter this code into the box as directed
  • Your mobile phone bill will be charged a fee of £5
  • Any amount due back to you will be credited to your ClearCash card’s icount
  • Your card will then be with you in just 3-5 working days

3. Pay later if you prefer to use cash:
Choose ‘Pay later’ when you apply:

  • Cashplus will then send you a payment letter via post and email
  • Take it to any UK Post Office® branch to pay
  • Your card will then be with you in 3-5 days
  • Works for any price plan whether Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go

Lost your letter or it hasn’t arrived? No problem – order a new copy online or contact our customer services team.

Don’t forget you can go back at any time and pay online with a debit card.

How long does it take for money loaded to my icount to show up on my balance?

This depends on which loading method you are using:
Post Office load – INSTANTLY, although top-ups made on a Saturday or bank holiday will take an extra working day
Epay load – same day (up to 3 hours)
Bank Transfer* – usually loaded to your card within the next working day unless made by faster payments of which it could arrive the same day (please note, transfers done after 3pm on a Friday will be loaded the next working day)

Are there any age restrictions to apply for an icount?

Yes – the icount current account with Prepaid MasterCard is only available to applicants aged 18 and above however you can add up to 4 additional cardholders to your account from the age of 13 and above.

I am not a UK resident. Can I apply for an icount prepaid MasterCard card?

No. You must be resident in the UK and have a verified UK address in order to apply for an icount current account with prepaid MasterCard. If we cannot verify you, you may be offered an Express account.

Can I pay my bills using my icount?

Yes! You can use your icount to pay for bills.  Total Access cardholders can do this a few ways whether it be by Standing Order or standard electronic payment (in person, over the phone or internet) and also by Direct Debit. Express account holders wanting to do this will have to upgrade their account.

You can also use your icount prepaid MasterCard online, in store and over the phone, anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark

Will I receive a monthly paper statement?

We do not automatically issue paper statements, however you can easily view your balance and online statement by logging into your icount Members’ Area or requesting your balance by SMS text message. You can also download your transactions in to a statement format from your Members Area
To have the latest information on your account sent to your mobile phone by Cashplus, just:
BALANCE – to get your balance details
LASTTRANS- to get your last five transactions
STATUS- to check up on the status of your application
TO: +447797 800 601

Each text costs your usual network tariff plus 25p which will be charged to your mobile phone.

Paper statements can be sent on request however your account will be charged a £10 administration fee.

What is the maximum balance that I can have in my icount current account?

The maximum balance that can be held in your Total Access icount current account is £5,000. For the Express account the maximum balance is £2,000 in a single year. Clients on Express accounts will need to upgrade their card within 60 days of applying.

For further information on limits please see the Fee Details.

Can I use my icount prepaid MasterCard to withdraw money from a cash machine?

Yes, you can withdraw cash using your icount prepaid MasterCard from any cash machine (ATM) in the UK (and worldwide) that displays the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.Some ATM machines may apply a surcharge. Foreign ATM withdrawals are charged at £1.50 for both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go cardholders. Please note there is a £0.50 charge for UK withdrawals on our Pay Monthly tariff and £0.75 on our Pay As You Go tariff.

The maximum you can withdraw per day is £250 for Express Access cardholders and £500 per day for Total Access cardholders.

Can I use my icount prepaid MasterCard to shop online?

Yes – the icount Prepaid MasterCard is accepted on any website which displays the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. It will also work in store and over the phone as places that accept MasterCard

Can I set up Direct Debits from my icount?

Yes. Direct Debits can be set up from your icount Members’ Area. This service is only available to Total Access cardholders.

Can I have my wages loaded on to my icount?

Yes If you are a Total Access account holder. All you need to do is give your account number and sort code to your employer. Download and complete the Wages Payment Form.

Can I pay cheques into my icount?

No. icount doesn’t allow cheques to be loaded.

How do I transfer funds from my PayPal account to my icount?

In order to do this you will need to reference your own unique account number and sort code, which can be found in your icount Members’ Area and on your card.

Payments will be under the name of APS Financial Limited, and are serviced by them on our behalf.

Before linking your accounts, please ensure you have money in your icount first and also ensure that you have a Total Access account. If you do not, your funds will not be loaded

Can someone other than me load money into my icount?

Yes – all you need to do is give them your account number and sort code and you can receive funds on to your icount. Please note only Total Access customers can receive payments by bank transfer.

What should I do if my icount prepaid MasterCard is lost or stolen?

If your icount card is lost, stolen or you suspect that your card has been used by someone other than yourself, let us know as soon as possible so that we can cancel your card and prevent any further transactions taking place.

You can contact the Lost and Stolen number on 0330 024 0924** (Available 24 hours. Calls may be recorded).

In the event of transactions on your card which were not carried out by yourself we will refund those transactions provided you have used the card in line with our Terms and Conditions.

My icount prepaid MasterCard has stopped working, what are the reasons for this happening?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Your card is damaged
  • There are no funds left on your card – you may need to load more money if you wish to make a purchase
  • We have blocked the card for security purposes or on your instructions
  • The card has expired – please check the expiry date on the card itself

Call the customer service team on 0330 024 0924** (+44 207 153 8940 from outside the UK). Calls may be recorded.

Alternatively visit the contact us page to find out more information.

Can I cancel my icount?

Yes. You have a legal right to cancel your icount prepaid MasterCard card up to 14 days after you receive it without charge. Under the terms and conditions, you also have the right to cancel your icount card after this 14 day period and a fee may be applicable.

If you cancel your icount with us, we will arrange for any unused funds on your cancelled account to be refunded to you. This will be done once all transactions and fees have been deducted, including an account closure fee if applicable.

You will not be entitled to a refund of money you have already spent on transactions authorised or pending, or any fees for use of the card before the card is cancelled or expires.

If you wish to cancel your icount with us please follow the instructions in the Terms and Conditions.

Will I earn interest on my icount balance?

No – balances held in your icount current account do not earn interest.

How do I notify you if my personal details change, like my address?

You should notify us immediately in line with the Terms and Conditions. You can update your personal details by logging into your icount Members’ Area and clicking on “Edit personal details” or call Customer Services (serviced by Cashplus).

We request that you do this as soon as possible after your details change to ensure you do not miss out on important communications from us.

Can I switch between the Pay Monthly option and the Pay As You Go option?

Yes – in order to do this, please login to the icount Members’ Area and select “change pricing plan”.

There is no charge for this service but only one change may be made every 60 days.

Do you offer joint icounts?

No. However, icount offers up to four additional* cardholders to one account with us.

The additional cardholders can be from age 13 and above.

What happens when my icount prepaid MasterCard expires?

We’ll send you an email before your card is due to expire. If your icount prepaid card is renewed, it will be on the same pricing plan as your expiring one, unless you ask us to change it.

Your new card will be sent to your current address and an icount prepaid card renewal fee will be charged to your account on, or shortly after, the date that your replacement prepaid card is issued. Your renewal card will be activated for use.

The new icount prepaid MasterCard card will be linked to your Members’ Area and any current balance will be available to use.

What are Total Access and Express Access?

What are Total Access and Express Access?With Total Access you can enjoy many benefits.

Express Access is a more basic account that can only be used for shopping and up to £800 of cash withdrawals per year, until we’re able to unlock your account by verifying your details.

How can I tell which account I have?

We will let you know which account you have by email and by letter when you receive your icount prepaid MasterCard®.

Alternatively, visit the Members Area and see if there’s an ‘Upgrade your account’ button… if there is, you currently have an Express Access account, so you should upgrade. Or just call us.

You can also tell if you have Total Access if:

  • You can top up your account using your bank account or you have your wages paid directly to your icount current account

What’s the difference between Total Access and Express Access?

An express Access account is our basic account which has certain limitations on – we fully recommend you upgrading to a Total Access Account which operates very much like a normal bank account – see details below on how to upgrade your account

Features Express Access Total Access
Maximum balance £2000 £5000
Maximum top up £2000 £5000
Maximum annual top up/spend £2000 Unlimited
Maximum spend per transaction £800 Available balance
Maximum ATM withdrawals per day £250 £500
Maximum ATM withdrawals per year £800 Unlimited
Maximum additional cards ­ 4
Top up: bank transfer ­YES
Top up: wages payment ­YES
Top up: Post Office or retail outlets YESYES

How do I upgrade my account to ``Total Access``?

Please login to the Members Area, then select ‘upgrade card’ to see what you need to send to us.

What document(s) do I need to send to you to upgrade to a Total Access icount?

If we just need to verify your identity, please provide:
ONE of the documents listed in the ‘ID’ column.

If we need to verify your identity and your address, please provide either:

TWO certified copies from the ‘ID’ column shown below, or
ONE certified document from the ‘ID’ column and ONE document from either the ‘Financial statements’ or ‘Other’ column.

A. ID – certified copy (NOT Originals): B. Financial statements – original: C. Other – original:
UK Driver’s Licence, Provisional or Full (both card and paper parts) Bank or building society statement Utility bill
EU Driver’s Licence Credit card/store card statement Council tax bill
Passport Inland Revenue/HMRC Correspondence (i.e. confirmation of tax code or NI number) Council rent card or mortgage statement
EEA member state ID card ­ Tenancy agreement from a council or housing association
­ ­ Home insurance certificate

Please check the Members Area to confirm whether we need proof of identification, proof of address, or both.

Please note that all bills and statements must have been sent to you in the post and must show your name, address and, if applicable, account number.

Sorry, but we can’t accept print-outs from the internet.

How do I renew my Icount prepaid MasterCard® card?

We’ll send you an email before your card’s due to expire.

Your new card will be sent to your current address and a modest ClearCash prepaid card renewal fee will be charged to your account on, or shortly after, the date that your replacement prepaid card is issued.

Your renewal card will be activated and ready for use.

The new ClearCash prepaid card will be linked to your Members Area account and any current balance will be available to use.

Occasionally, cards aren’t automatically renewed, but we’ll let you know in advance.

What do I do if I haven’t received my new Icount prepaid card?

If you haven’t received your new Icount prepaid card ten days before your card’s due to expire, please contact our Customer Services team.

For further information on card renewals please contact Customer Services.

What do I do when I receive my new Icount prepaid card?

Your card will already be active, so you won’t need to activate it.

If you use your Icount Account to make regular payments, or your card details are stored on websites or with businesses that you shop with, please contact the companies involved and let them know your new card’s expiry date and the three digit security code.

What changes when my card is renewed?

The three digit security code on the back of your card will change, along with a new expiry date.

Please inform any companies regularly paid from your icount Account of these changes.

Renew your Icount prepaid MasterCard® - Security Reference Number

Need further help?

Please call Customer Care.

0330 024 0924

Mon-Friday 8am–8pm, Sat 9am-4pm. Calls to 03 numbers cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number and will count towards any ‘inclusive minutes’ in the same way as 01 and 02 calls. Calls may be recorded.

Ask a public question

You may ask a question using the form below, however note the information will become public so please refrain from publishing sensitive personal details.

See all other ways to contact us.

You can also send Icount a DIrect Message via Twitter 

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