At icount, it doesn’t matter if you have previously been rejected for a bank account. We don’t conduct any credit checks, so bad credit won’t affect your application for an icount.

Our accounts can be the perfect alternative to an IVA bank account and can even be applied for if you currently have a CCJ against you.

The perfect debt management bank account

Icount is the perfect debt management bank account to help you get back on your feet. Take full control of your debts and finances by applying for one of our accounts. Choose between our pay monthly MasterCard or pay as you go, depending on your circumstances.

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Work towards being debt free

Our accounts give you the flexibility and freedom to start working towards being debt free. With no credit checks, our accounts are open to anyone who may be struggling with debt management, CCJ’s or bad credit.

Icount is also a great alternative to an IVA bank account (Individual Voluntary Arrangement account). You can treat both of our accounts as a regular bank account, paying in your wages and making sure all of your bills are paid on time.

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Rejected for a Bank Account

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