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The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Reducing Water Bills

icount recently conducted a study about utility bills and found that 10% of those surveyed had built up arrears in excess of £200 after struggling to keep up with their water bills.

The average household water bill in the UK is £386, meaning one in ten Brits have six months or more arrears with their water company.

It lead us to put together a series of guides to help you reduce your household bills.

Deregulation is still some bit away for domestic customers so this week we’re looking at water and how we can cut down our bills with simple tips to easily reduce our consumption.

Take shorter showers

Your shower is a water guzzler, pumping out between 6 and 45 litres of water per minute.

If you spend 10-15 minutes in the shower try halving your time in there.

You’ll save a lot of money over the course of a year.

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

Did you know that running the tap whilst brushing your teeth uses 6 litres of water per minute?

Think how much money is going down the drain for just one person twice a day, let alone in a family home.

Turn off the tap and see the difference on your water bills.

Install a cistern displacement device

Cistern displacement devices reduce the amount of water used in each flush.

You can pick them up for as little as £19.95, a snip when you consider how much money you’re flushing down the drain everyday!

Wash full loads

If you’re doing lots of small loads in your dishwasher and washing machine you’re wasting a lot of money on wasted water.

Only washing on full loads not only saves you money on water, it also cuts down on the amount of electricity and detergents you use, saving you even more money.

Chill water

Get yourself a jug, fill it with water and put it in your fridge.

This stops you running the tap until the water runs cold when you’re making yourself a glass of water or juice.

Remember, it’s all money that’s going straight down the drain.

Fix dripping taps

A dripping tap can leak as much as 15 litres of water per day.

That’s 5,500 litres of water waster every year.

It’s far more cost effective to fix any leaking taps rather than leaving them to drip your money away.

Use a watering can

Hosepipes gush out a whopping 1,000 litres of water an hour.

Buy a watering can, mulch your plants with straw, heavy compost or bark chippings and water them early in the morning and late evening to avoid evaporation.

Install a water butt

By installing a water butt to the end of your drainpipe you collect natural rain water that you can use to water your plants.

That way it’s not coming out of your pocket.

Swap to water efficient goods

When the time comes to replace your washing machine or dishwasher, opt for a water efficient appliances.

You can also find water efficient shower-heads now too!

Final word

Most of the above can implemented immediately, and in most cases for free.

Making a few changes to the way we use water can save us an awful lot of money over the course of a year.

If you have found yourself in arrears, using your water efficiently will bring down your bills and free up some extra cash to tackle the debt.

Do you have any tips for cutting down your water bills?

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