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10 Savvy Ways To Heat Your Home For Less

With ever increasing prices, it’s never been more difficult to heat your home for many people in the UK.

Low paid workers and the elderly have felt the pinch more than most, with some often left with the choice to heat or eat.

In a recent study we conducted discovered that almost 1-in-10 of Brits have arrears in excess of £100 with their energy supplier.

That’s a lot people who are already behind with their payments facing the daunting task of heating their home throughout a cold winter.

We’ve put together some nice, simple tips you can do easily in the house to conserve energy and save you money on the cost of your heating.

Bleed your radiators

Releasing the trapped air in your radiators by bleeding them will help to make your radiator work more efficiently.

Stop drying clothes on radiators

I know it’s tempting to get them dry quicker, and sometimes needs must.

But, try and get into the habit of not using radiators to dry clothes as it prevents the heat reaching the rest of the room.

Tin foil

If you fit foil behind your radiators it reflects the heat back into the room and stops it being absorbed by the wall.

This works particularly well for external walls.

You can get specialist radiator foil, but everyday kitchen tin foil works just as well.

Turn down your thermostat

Turning down your thermostat by just one degree can save up to £65 per year.

You’re unlikely to notice any difference in temperature, however you should certainly notice it on your bill.

Don’t heat empty rooms

Switch off radiators in empty rooms, you’re burning money unnecessarily.

Shut the doors on empty rooms too, this will ensure the rest of the house remains nice and warm.

Close curtains and shut doors

Closing your curtains at dusk and making sure you keep doors closed on rooms you’re heating will help to stop the heat from escaping.

If you have single glazed windows invest in some thick, heavy curtains and you’ll notice quite a significant difference.

Stop drafts

Using draft excluders and fixing curtains on external doors, ensuring letter boxes and keyholes are not letting out unnecessary heat, will help to keep your house nice and warm.

Wrap up

Every dad’s answer to feeling cold!

But, when you start to pay the bills yourself you start to understand why.

Jumpers, slippers and sitting under a blanket will help to keep you warm, as well as taking away the need to have your heating on so high.

Use the timer

If you don’t like coming home to a cold home, rather than leaving radiators on all day to heat your home, use the timer and set it to come on thirty minutes before you’re due back.

Do the same in the morning. You won’t notice much difference in temperature, but the difference on your bill will be phenomenal if you’ve been leaving it on all day.

Switch energy suppliers

This really is the easiest way to save the most money. You can save up to £300 per year just by switching supplier.

If you’ve never switched before it could be as much as £400.

Plus, by fixing down the price you won’t be affected by any future price hikes.

Do you have any tips to heat your home for less?

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