Holiday spending money guide

The icount guide to summer holidays on a shoestring

Another year brings another opportunity for a summer family holiday! We all love getting away with the kids for a week or two of sun, sea, sand and quality time together, but it seems like every year, it’s getting more and more expensive to do so.

With the average cost per person per holiday increasing each year, can we still afford to treat our families to that well-deserved summer break? Well, with plenty of planning and preparation beforehand, a summer holiday on the cheap really is possible!

Introducing the icount guide to summer holidays on a shoestring, where you’ll find all the information you need to plan a family holiday for as little as possible.

Learn all about planning ahead and how much money it could save you, as well as when to book, what days to set off on, and how long to make your trip last for. You’ll also discover some of the best destinations for booking on a budget, with a holiday spending guide topping it all off!


Don’t forget to pack your prepaid cards for travel!

Prepaid travel cards are one of the best tools you could take along with you on your family holiday. They can help you stick to a family holiday budget, and could also prevent you from losing your money, which is often the case when cash is taken on a trip abroad.

With an icount current account, you’re entitled to a free prepaid travel card that allows you to spend your money in Euros or Dollars. Better yet, you won’t be charged any purchase transaction fees when using our prepaid travel card abroad!
If you’re yet to sign up to icount, what are you waiting for? Apply today to begin managing your money more effectively. With the help of icount, you could budget your money better and save up enough money for your family holiday in no time at all.

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