5 people to benefit from prepaid cards

5 people our prepaid card and current account is great for and why

The icount current account and prepaid Mastercard®️ is a great, flexible finance tool that can help you to keep on top of your finances in a whole range of situations. If you’re wondering ‘what are prepaid cards good for?’, carry on reading to find out about just some of the situations where an icount prepaid Mastercard®️ can help you.

Travelling home for Christmas

Home for Christmas: When’s the best time to book tickets?

If you live away from your home and family for the majority of the year, you’ll undoubtedly be excited to return to your hometown in time for the Christmas festivities. Whether you’re travelling halfway across the world, or you simply need to hop on a train, it’s important to plan your journey home early on, to avoid paying over the odds for a ticket home.