Top tips for a freakishly fantastic Halloween on a budget

Back to school season is over, it’s time to start thinking about Halloween. Whether it’s cheap trick or treat ideas, money saving tips for the kids’ Halloween party, or refreshing ideas for shopping on a budget, we’ve got you covered for 2017. After all, what makes a fantastically spooky party isn’t all about the things you can splash out on. With a little creativity (and superb ideas from us), you should be able to give the kids a ghoulishly great Halloween to remember, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Friday 13th: What superstitious beliefs about money do we have?

We’re facing the second Friday 13th of the year this month and what spookier time of year to have it fall in, than the horrifying Halloween host, October? Plenty of people around the world think of Friday 13th as the unluckiest day going – even those who aren’t superstitious have their concerns about this well-known omen.

What borrowers need to be doing to avoid a financial crisis

It’s been 10 years since the credit crunch of 2007 that sparked a 5-year recession and a global financial crisis. Yet whilst things appeared to be on the up for a few years, it seems that the UK are at risk of another downfall, due to the levels of personal loans that are being taken advantage of.

General Election 2017

Personal finance expectations from the General Election 2017 result

In our pre-election post, we looked into how your personal finances could be affected by the General Election 2017, depending on which party the UK decided to govern the country. It certainly was an intense election, with the Conservatives feeling the shock of losing their majority and the Labour party dramatically rising in popularity.

Student financial pressure

Prepaid credit cards to ease student financial pressure?

Students are spending an increasing amount of time in paid employment, it has been found.

Prepaid credit cards could be a wise option for students who would like to ease their financial burden. Student financial aid is always welcomed by those who are just starting out in adult life and have never been in charge of their own finances. These aids can help teach students about sensible budgeting and even help teach them about paying important bills and taxes!

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