5 people to benefit from prepaid cards

5 people our prepaid card and current account is great for and why

The icount current account and prepaid Mastercard®️ is a great, flexible finance tool that can help you to keep on top of your finances in a whole range of situations. If you’re wondering ‘what are prepaid cards good for?’, carry on reading to find out about just some of the situations where an icount prepaid Mastercard®️ can help you.

Family Finances for the Year

A look at how prepaid cards could help your family’s finances this year

The new year represents a new start for many of us and is the perfect time to commit to getting on top of your family’s finances. From day-to-day budgeting to saving for holidays and large expenses, family prepaid cards can be an incredibly useful tool to help you get on top of your financial health in 2018 and beyond. Read on for our best family budgeting tips and how to get the most out of a prepaid card.