Can I Use A Prepaid MasterCard® Whilst In a Debt Solution?

icount Money with prepaid MasterCard® understand the importance for everyone to have their bank account,

When our CEO Samuel Mond was first drafted in to help with the original ClearCash account he came with a mission to be  able to provide anyone with their own account, regardless of their financial position.

He arrived just in time as due to the economic uncertainty in the UK at the time, many high street banks were turning customers away, or even worse closing their existing account due to them entering into a debt solution.

Why icount will always provide for those in most need

No credit checks

There are no credit checks needed to be able to obtain an icount current account with prepaid MasterCard®, meaning it is possible for everyone to obtain their own account.

Build your credit rating with a prepaid MasterCard®

The icount current account  comes with the option of a credit building facility called Creditbuilder™.

It enables you to apply for a small credit facility issued by a separate credit issuer that could improve your credit rating. These “creditbuilder” products can loan you the equivalent of the prepaid account fees by way of a fixed term loan. At the end of the fixed term loan (normally twelve months), the monthly loan repayments show up as an honoured credit agreement on your credit file… Of course you have to keep up with the monthly payments for the whole twelve months otherwise it could have a negative impact on your credit score.

You can’t get into debt

With icount Money you can only spend money what you have loaded onto your prepaid MasterCard®.

Cashback offers

We like to make sure we’re giving you something back so we have a whole host of fantastic cashback offers available for all icount Money customers.

Final word

Whatever your financial situation, icount Money will always strive to provide you with your very own account.

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