Making the most of the summer holidays on a budget

With the kids off school for a whole 6 weeks, the summer holidays can start to get expensive. Trying to think of affordable, yet fun and exciting things to do as a family can be tiring and no one wants a restrictive budget to ruin your time together.

Coming up with a flexible family budget for the summer holidays isn’t as difficult as you may first think. There are plenty of things to do in the holidays at home and by getting creative, you can keep everyone entertained until school starts back up in September.

Family money saving tips for the summer holidays

The summer holidays come around the same time every year, which means we have time to pre-plan and save a small nest egg, to help us through the long weeks. Putting away a little bit every month, into a summer holiday fund, can be a huge help when school’s out.

You can also encourage your kids to start saving early. Give them their own piggy banks or money jars and help them to save any pocket money they may get over the year. Not only will it allow them to have their own money to spend while they’re off school, but it will also help to teach them the value of money and savings.

Organising your family budget

Depending on what you have planned, you can either choose one larger event to save for, such as a holiday, or save into one big pot to spend over the holiday period. There are plenty of budgeting and saving apps to help you plan your savings.

You could also open an icount current account with prepaid MasterCard, which you could use during the summer holidays, to keep your holiday funds away from your normal monthly spending budget. There’s no credit checks needed to open one of our accounts and it’s the perfect way to organise and plan your spending.  

Things to do in the holidays at home

There are plenty of free or affordable days out to enjoy without having to jump on a plane to a sunny beach resort. The UK has amazing countryside and scenery, so if you can’t afford a luxury holiday away with the family, why not opt for a cheaper camping trip, or hiring a caravan at one the country’s many caravan parks?

You can also enjoy amazing museums and galleries for free, head out for days out to local parks and nature reserves. Take a picnic to save some money on eating out and grab your bikes to save money on fuel.

You can save so much by simply getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Heading out on family hikes, bike rides and visits to the park can be great fun for all the family and you can even sneak in a bit of extra exercise for the kids!
Find out more about our iCount current account here and kick start your budgeting for the perfect summer holiday with your family!  

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