Motorists ‘should work cheaper fuel into money planning’

Tracking down the best value for money petrol stations is one way motorists can lower their vehicle running costs in their money planning.

Drivers have been advised to consider hunting for cheaper fuel options if they are taking their money planning seriously.

According to, there are websites that people can use to find the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in their area and motorists can set up email alerts that will notify them of all price changes at major outlets including Shell, Texaco and BP, in addition to smaller chains and independent stations.

Such budget management changes could be of use to some of the 30 per cent of consumers who told the price comparison site that they are near their affordability tipping point with the cost of keeping their vehicles topped up causing a great deal of financial concern.

And despite the fact that the price of a barrel of oil dropped by $10 (£6) last week, only a minuscule amount of this saving is going to be passed on to motorists with an average fall of 0.5p per litre of petrol.

Furthermore, when it comes to setting cash aside specifically for fuel, some individuals may benefit from using money planning tools such as pre paid credit cards, as these useful items can help drivers become better budget masters.

Other simple ways motorists can save money when driving include improving the fuel efficiency of their vehicle by removing any heavy loads and unused roof racks to reduce drag and ease some of the pressure on the engine.

Consumers can also ensure their tyres are fully inflated to reduce the amount of petrol they go through, while ensuring the air conditioning is switched off when it is not needed can “dramatically” lower the amount of juice a car needs to run.

Finally, stated that another easy way to make sure vehicle running costs are as low as they can be is by browsing around for a good car insurance deal.

Peter Harrison, car insurance expert for the price comparison site, stated: “Rather than accepting a renewal price on car insurance, shopping around for a better deal and using price comparison sites will save you money.”

This advice follows money management tips from, which claimed that taking time to draw up a spreadsheet of outgoings and earnings is a good place to begin a household budget if a family is in financial difficulty.

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