Budget-friendly caravan breaks could be Britons’ holiday of choice

Caravans are set for a bumper year of use in the UK.

We are all aware of the difficult economic times we find ourselves in and the importance of being able to save a little money here and there – factors that have perhaps influenced budget management for many families.

Whether you are cutting back on your weekly food shop, the amount of energy you use around the home or simply spending less on entertainment, it is likely that you will be doing something to reduce your outgoings.

This could reflect in the choice of holiday you make in 2012. If you feel like a week or two in Spain, Greece, the US or even further afield will leave you in financial ruin, it could be wise to instead choose a caravan break.

Jon Dale, PR manager at The Camping and Caravanning Club, has had his say on the holidays, describing them as a highly popular option among Britons.

Of course, a vacation in a tent or caravan in a spot such as Cornwall or the Lake District offers considerable financial benefits, but it is not only in the wallet that you will notice the brilliance of domestic stays.

"It's easy to see why camping continues to be in vogue. Last year the club partnered with Liverpool John Moores University to see if camping really does make people emotionally richer," Mr Dale explained.

"The results conclusively proved that the health benefits of camping and caravanning were very important with 85 per cent of adult campers believing that it can make you healthier."

And when it comes to special occasions, it is not only family holidays on which you can save some cash. Editor of weddingideasmag.com Rachel Morgan recently said there are a number of designs and trends available for weddings that can be lighter on the budget.

For example, she identified gypsophila as the wedding flower of choice for 2012, before recommending its cost-effectiveness.

Caravans look set for just as much success this year, with Mr Dale describing the UK holiday market as looking forward to a "bumper" time in 2012.

If you have money worries, it is certainly good to know there is a fun, exciting and budget-friendly option on the market for you.

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