insuring your new Christmas purchases

How to make sure you’re not over insuring your new Christmas purchases

During the festive season, shoppers take to the high streets and department stores to spend their hard earned cash on gifts for their nearest and dearest. Many of us see Christmas as a time to show your friends and family how much you care, through the giving of gifts that they’ve been dreaming of owning for so long.

Sometimes the spending spree can result in bringing home a number of highly priced products, from TVs and laptops, sometimes even kitchen appliances and gadgets. It’s well worth making sure these costly gifts are insured, to cover them against any unfortunate circumstances such as loss, theft or damages.

On the other hand, many of us fall victim to over insuring these items, usually from choosing to sign up to purchase protection from the company they were bought from. So how can you make sure that the insurance you are signing up to is worth it, and if not, are there any other ways to keep your new items protected?

In-Store Insurance Options

As mentioned, there are a number of retail companies that offer product protection themselves. They can support you with your latest purchase after leaving the store, something even for a number of years after the purchase has been made.

Applecare from Apple, for example, offers support over the phone from trained Apple professionals themselves. This purchase protection can help to ensure that any repairs are done by an expert and that any additional support required can be given over the phone. are also another company that offer a fantastic purchase protection plan. If you appliances becomes damaged or faulty, they will happily send out a technician to your home and assess the damage, free of charge. You are covered for any fixes that might be required, as well as a complete replacement when needed.

Although these two protection plans are a great idea, sometimes they may not be required. In fact, you could already be insured against certain problems that may occur, depending on how you choose to pay for your goods.

Other forms of purchase protection

If you choose to pay for your products in cash, it’s a good idea to seek a purchase protection plan from the company, or alternatively search for your own insurance through comparison websites.

However, if you decide to pay for your products through a credit card or through our prepaid Mastercard®, you are covered by purchase protection that comes with the card account itself. This automatic and complementary protection provides you with a full refund on situations when:

  • The company has closed down and gone into liquidation
  • Your purchases arrived damaged or not fully functional
  • You never received your order, or
  • When you receive the wrong product

Using our prepaid card therefore makes sure you are only using the money you have loaded onto it (rather than borrowing money from a credit card), as well as offering peace of mind from unfortunate circumstances that could befall onto you and your purchases.
You can find more information on the icount cardholder purchase protection here, or if you’d like to discover many more advantages to becoming an icount customer, read all about them here.

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