Preparing home for winter

7 ways you can begin preparing your home for the cold weather

Autumn is here with its crisp fresh air and the orange leaves falling off the trees. Soon we will all have to turn up the heating and get out the fluffy blankets to fight off the chill, so what can we do to prepare our home for the upcoming winter?

There are plenty of little things you can do to make a difference to your energy bills, and also to make your home a little warmer and cosier without switching on the heating.

Invest in draft excluders

If you constantly struggle to keep your rooms toasty and warm, make sure you’ve not got any pesky drafts stealing all your heat. Go around doors and windows and identify any problem areas. You can then invest in draft excluders, to help keep the heat in your room where it belongs.

Stock up on blankets and throws

There’s nothing better than snuggling down into a big fluffy blanket, no matter what your age. Making sure you have plenty of blankets and throws to hand, will make the colder months that much more enjoyable.

Whether it’s to snuggle up on the sofa, or even to throw over the end of the bed at night, having an army of blankets is a winter essential.

Choose a winter duvet

Having a winter and a summer duvet can be extremely helpful when shifting between seasons. These days, you can even buy duvet sets that allow you to clip and unclip duvet covers, in order to make an easier transition.

Making sure you’ve got a heavy and warm duvet cover, can help you to save on heating during the evening. If you can make sure you’re toasty and warm whilst in bed, you won’t need to have the heating on all night.

Make sure your home is insulated

Making sure your home is correctly insulated during the warmer months, will vastly improve your energy bills as soon as the cold weather hits. Nobody wants to be spending a fortune on heating, when most of it is disappearing through a poorly insulated roof or walls.

Compare energy suppliers

Before you have to start turning on the heating, make sure you’ve compared energy suppliers to get the best deal. You may find that you can vastly reduce heating and electric costs during winter, just by shopping around.

Reflect heat back into your room

Have you ever been around to your grandparents or parents house, only to find they have jammed some tinfoil behind their radiators? This technique is a great way to reflect heat back into your room. Fold up a few pieces and place behind the heated radiator and you’ll notice your room staying warmer for longer.

Invest in heavy or blackout curtains

Despite blinds being more aesthetically pleasing for most people, heavy or blackout curtains are the perfect way to insulate your windows and ledges when it is freezing outside.

You can even store these during the summer months, so you don’t have to put up with them all year round.

Many people will see a huge spike in their monthly outgoings during autumn and winter. However, with some careful money management, a bit of shopping around and investing in winter essentials, you’ll make your home winter ready in no time.   


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