Mastercard vs Visa - what's the difference?

Mastercard vs Visa – What’s the difference?

The world of finance can be tricky and complicated. It can be confusing to work out what products you actually need and which suit your requirements. One of these areas involves credit and debit cards, and the different options available. Mastercard and Visa are the two main card providers, so we’re taking a further look into them to offer an insight into what they are, what they do, and which one will suit you best.

Arrears in your area

Is the UK struggling to keep up with rent and mortgage payments?

Whether you live in a rental property or have taken the plunge and purchased your own home, like the vast majority of UK adults, you will typically have to fork out a rather hefty payment every month to cover the cost of your rent or mortgage. Unlike the more luxury monthly payments, such as TV subscriptions and gym memberships, keeping up with your rent or mortgage payments means having a roof over your head and a place to call your home.

Manage debt with a prepaid Mastercard & current account

How our prepaid Mastercard® and current account can help those in debt

If you’re in debt, figuring out where to start to get back on your feet can be a challenge. Thankfully, even small changes can help you to rebuild your financial health and get out of debt. Our prepaid Mastercard® and current account is a great debt reduction tool that can help you to get back on your feet. Take a look below at all the ways an icount prepaid Mastercard® could help you!

Family Holiday

Tips to reduce the chances of overspending on your summer holiday

In just a couple of months time, families from all over the country will be jet setting away on their summer holidays, to spend some quality time with one another somewhere in the sun. Yet amidst all the excitement of a holiday approaching, it seems that many families either forget to organise their holiday budget during the run-up or simply fail to stick to it when the holiday arrives.

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