Christmas Shopping Online? Protect your payments with the icount Prepaid MasterCard® with Purchase Protection

Online shopping
Many of us these days like to dodge the inevitable Christmas queues by doing our Christmas shopping online. A couple of clicks and your gift is on its way, it certainly beats fighting your way through the crowds.

But there are many rogue traders out there more than willing to take your hard earned money under false pretenses, delivering faulty or none existent goods. This is where using a Prepaid MasterCard® can really give you peace of mind. Whether you are doing your Christmas shopping online or down the High Street you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re protected with Purchase Protection

How does it work?

The Prepaid MasterCard® comes with Purchase Protection and can help to guard against unscrupulous sellers, it can also be known as Section 75.

Section 75 is a UK law created in the 1970’s that means your credit provider must take the same responsibility as the retailer if things go wrong with a purchase.

The beauty about a Prepaid MasterCard® is that you can only spend the money you have preloaded, taking away the risk of running up debt on credit cards whilst still receiving the same protection.  If your purchase costs over £100 and you find it to be faulty, not as described or doesn’t show up you can claim your money back. It’s as simple as that!

As with anything financial there are terms and conditions, we posted a blog about this recently that you can find here

Where can I use a Prepaid MasterCard®?

Anywhere you can see the MasterCard® symbol, you can use your card. Just pre-load and off you go, it couldn’t be simpler.

They can also have a variety of other benefits such as building your credit rating and even offer a free Euro or Dollar card.

Have you ever used Purchase Protection? Please leave comments below.

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