Why poor budgeting ‘Isa’ bad idea

New research has shown many Britons are unwilling to budget that bit better to save more cash in their Isas.

When it comes to managing money, earning, spending and borrowing are three major areas of concern for consumers and rightly so. After all, how much people are paid, how much things cost and both the availability and expense of credit are everyday financial concerns.

But it can be very easy to consider these issues to the exclusion of saving. For some people, being hard-up means it is difficult to put any money away and the unemployed and those on low pay are among the people in such a situation, alongside individuals and households struggling with debt.

For others, however there is potential to save quite well, but often consumers will not do so.  

After all, putting money away for the future means not spending it now and new research has suggested many consumers are unwilling to make that choice.

Price comparison site uSwitch.com has found Britons are collectively missing out on £182 billion of tax free savings by not using their full Isa allowance, with only 50 per cent prepared to pay into a cash Isa and a quarter unwilling to make any sacrifices to save.

Only 16 per cent would give up their holiday to save more, while 22 per cent would cut down on some little luxuries.

And 26 per cent of people planning to withdraw money from an Isa in April will use the money to pay off debt.

However, there are plenty who identify using the full cash Isa allowance as a priority, with 42 per cent of those polled saying this is important.

For those who want to manage their finances to help build up their savings, a budget planner may be ideal. It can help people identify things they can cut back on to ensure there is more money to be set aside for saving.

Also, careful budgeting could enable people to avoid building up debt, meaning they will be less likely to feel compelled to withdraw cash from their savings to pay it off.

Earlier this month, a poll by HSBC found 29 per cent of consumers are saving nothing at all. But with better budgeting, many will find that they have more scope to set cash aside than they thought.

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