Student financial pressure

Prepaid credit cards to ease student financial pressure?

Students are spending an increasing amount of time in paid employment, it has been found.

Prepaid credit cards could be a wise option for students who would like to ease their financial burden. Student financial aid is always welcomed by those who are just starting out in adult life and have never been in charge of their own finances. These aids can help teach students about sensible budgeting and even help teach them about paying important bills and taxes!

Money management failure

Could prepaid cards be the solution to money management failure?

People who are finding it difficult to manage their money are unable to spend on luxury items, such as going on holiday, it has been claimed.

The volatile economic climate in recent years has left consumers worried about money and more reluctant to spend. Research has shown that many people are concerned about finances and as a result, they are sacrificing spending on luxury goods such as holidays.

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