Those with bad credit often find it difficult to set up a bank account, and applying for a simple current account can prove impossible. That’s where icount can help.

You can use icount as a bad credit bank account, giving you an alternative to a high street bank account and a helping hand to get your finances organised. With no credit checks necessary to set up an icount, you can apply and be approved for an alternative poor credit bank account in minutes.

Using icount as an alternative to a bad credit bank account

With no credit checks, it doesn’t matter how bad your credit is – you can use icount as a bank account for poor credit, to handle your financial affairs. With pay as you go or pay monthly options, icount fits around you and your circumstances.

Much like a regular high street current account, you have a maximum holding limit of £5,000 for Total Access account holders and £2,000 in a single year* for Express account holders.

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Do everything you would with a high street bank account

Like a regular current account, you can use your icount as a poor credit bank account, to handle the bulk of your finances. Pay your wages into your account and use your Prepaid Mastercard® to pay any and all bills.

Setting up standing orders and direct debits can help you keep on top of payments and make sure you never miss a bill. It’s easy to manage your standing orders from your icount customer area, as well as transfer money quickly and easily into your account.

Your icount Prepaid Mastercard® can be used wherever you see the Mastercard® payment sign, so you can use your alternative poor credit bank account wherever and whenever you need to. You can also withdraw cash at any ATM, both in the UK and worldwide. Bear in mind that there may be charges at some cash machines in the UK and foreign ATMs can charge around £1.50 for withdrawals.

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Alternative to a Bank Account for Bad Credit

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