If you’re in the process of switching your bank account from one banking provider to the icount Current Account with prepaid MasterCard, you will need to tell your employer to change your details on their payroll.

This means that your wage will be paid directly into your icount account each time you receive your salary, whether that’s monthly or weekly.

Let icount do the hard work for you

If you are currently paid in cash, switching to a bank transfer means you won’t have to carry cash and spend time paying money in yourself.

You’ll also have access to the app, which means you can keep a close eye on your balance and any deposits and payments throughout the month.

Find out more about the advantages offered with the icount prepaid MasterCard account.

icount wage transferIcount wage transfer advantages

Instant Approval

The wage and salary transfer process is easy and quick to set up. Follow the instructions below to start the process.

  • Print out the icount wage payment form 
  • Fill in your details in BLOCK CAPITALS using BLACK INK in just a matter of minutes
  • Give this form to your employer to process
  • You will no longer receive your wages by cheque or cash
  • Your old bank will no longer receive your wages
  • Repeat the process for a partner or spouse if required

Transferring your wage to icount is free!

  • You’ll get a unique Account Number and Sort Code to ensure the money goes straight into your account
  • Avoid the risk of losing or misplacing cash

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icount Wage and Salary Transfer Request Form

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