It usually happens at the end of the month… funds running low but the bills keep coming in. We’re here to help you get back in control of your monthly outgoings, without penalising for the odd missed payment.

icount cardholders can apply for an £250 interest and charge free arranged overdraft

The interest free overdraft facility offered with the icount account is there to offer you increased flexibility when it comes to the end of the month and the funds are a little bit lower than you expected.

The great news is that icount cardholders will not be penalised or charged for taking advantage of the overdraft facility, demonstrating good overdraft repayment habits could even help to improve your credit score. Find out more about the icount Creditbuilder™ tool here.

How does the icount overdraft facility work?

Our overdraft is what’s known as ‘arranged’ which means that you have an agreement with us that the £250 is there when you need it the most. This might be for an unexpected bill or an emergency house or car repair you need to pay for, which we know typically fall just before payday.

This is different from a lot of banks offering an overdraft credit facility, which are often unarranged – which can incur repayment charges – not the case with the icount interest free overdraft facility.

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Our overdraft comes from our service provider, Advanced Payment Solutions who market under the Cashplus brand. It is a reuseable line of credit that is attached to your icount current account and is available as and when you need it*.

How do I apply for the overdraft facility with my icount card?

Keep an eye on your emails and the icount Members Area – we’ll send you a message with further instructions if the overdraft facility is available to you – some customers will not be eligible to apply for the overdraft facility.

Registering for the icount overdraft

Once you have received your email or message from icount confirming your eligibility for the overdraft, all you’ll need to do is login to your Members Area and click the “Overdraft” option on the left hand side of the screen.

Important information

Please note, you need to have a “Total Access” Account with us and be registered for the Members Area in order for you to get your Overdraft, as this is the only way to sign up for it.

If you’re not already registered, please visit the Members Area to ‘Register’. If you want an overdraft and haven’t applied for an icount, get one – you will receive your account details within minutes*

Remember to keep up with your payments as this could cause money problems. Please note: repaying late can cause financial problems. For independent advice, go to: Money Advice Service, Citizens Advice Bureau or StepChange.

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Running short on funds? Apply for an overdraft of up to £250 to prevent bills mounting up

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The icount cardholders arranged overdraft facility

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