How to verify your account

If you have got to the end of your icount application and you did not receive your sort code and account number, then you will need to provide us with some evidence of ID so we can verify your account.

This is so you’re able to pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) check, which is a requirement of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007.


It couldn’t be simpler. If we need to verify your identity and address, you will need  to provide two certified copies of documents from the ID column shown below, or one certified copy from the ‘ID column’ and one from either the ‘Financial Statement’ column or ‘Other’ column.

A. ID – certified copy (NOT Originals):B. Financial statements – original:C. Other – original:
UK Driver’s Licence, Provisional or Full (both card and paper parts)Bank or building society statementUtility bill
EU Driver’s LicenceCredit card/store card statementCouncil tax bill
PassportInland Revenue/HMRC Correspondence (i.e. confirmation of tax code or NI number)Council rent card or mortgage statement
EEA member state ID cardTenancy agreement from a council or housing association
Home insurance certificate


Who can verify my documents?

The easiest way is to visit your local Post Office. Take in the original documents and also a photocopy of them. The Post Office assistant  will by law need to see the originals; they will then stamp, date and certify your photocopies to verify that your photocopy documents are copies of the original documents. You then simply send them to:



A person of a professional standing can also certify your documents. This does not include somebody related to you, living at the same address as you or in a relationship with you. See below for a list of professionals who are able to certify your documents:

  • bank or building society official
  • councillor
  • minister of religion
  • dentist
  • chartered accountant
  • solicitor or notary
  • teacher or lecturer
  • accountant


Again, simply send to the free post address above once certified.


How long will it take to verify me and obtain my sort code and account number?

Once your certified ID and address details have been received, it will take a maximum of 10 working days to have your account verified. You will then receive your new sort code and account number by post and email (if you provided an email address).


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