Manage your business expenses with a prepaid card – a 100% instant decision given online

There are many companies throughout the UK being declined for credit and bank facilities which is why we recommend the Cashplus Business Account.

This is far better than a traditional corporate card or a business bank account and can be opened without any credit checks. Furthermore there is no link to any other bank!

The Cashplus prepaid business card provides many of the same benefits without the hassles and hefty charges.

It comes at just £69 per year – there are no monthly fees. There are also no charges for depositing cash or receiving bank transfers. In addition, you also receive 3 free outbound bank transfers per month!

Are you a sole trader?

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What are the main benefits of the Cashplus Business Account?

  • No account set up fee (you simply pay the first annual fee of £69)
  • No monthly fee
  • No charge for depositing cash at 14,00 locations nationwide – includes the Post Office®
  • No charge for setting up Direct Debits
  • No charge for inbound Bank Transfers
  • 3 free outbound Bank Transfers per month – £0.99 per transfer thereafter
  • No charge to use the MasterCard® Debit Card that comes with the account for purchases in the UK
  • Free Online Banking – Manage Direct Debits, make Bank Transfers and more
  • UK Call Centre with top quality customer service

What do I need to apply?

When applying, please ensure the following:

  • That you have been incorporated for at least 3 working days prior to applying
  • That the business address you provide is your registered office address
  • That you enter your company name letter for letter as it shows with companies house
  • That you double check that all 8 digits of your company registration number are entered correctly

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Complete the Application Form

Complete the Application Form

Complete the quick application form to get your icount prepaid Mastercard®. Once we verify your name and address the card is yours!

Get Your Card

Get Your Card

Start enjoying your new card within 3-5 working days.

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Hit Apply Now

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