Having a Cashplus account entitles you to Euro & Dollar prepaid cards for foreign travel…at no extra cost!

Most of us exchange our travel money at the last minute, either on the high street, at the airport in the UK or by using a bank card at cash machines when we reach our destination. If a younger family member is going abroad, then you can add them as an additional cardholder to get them access to this.

Planning a trip abroad?

If you have the time to exchange money on the high street, it can be expensive and you’ll probably have to queue… Worst of all, if you lose your cash or it’s stolen, you probably won’t get it back!

Travel abroadThrough our association with APS, we are able to offer you the Cashplus Euro and Dollar currency cards at no extra cost*.

Once you’ve set up an Cashplus current account , you can order your Euro and US Dollar cards via your Members Area for:

  • No commissions
  • Excellent exchange rates
  • No € or US Dollar purchase transaction fees♦
  • No monthly fees for currency cards
  • No ATM fees♦

And unlike with cash, if you lose your card your money is safe – we’ll replace the card and the money on it, as long as you use your card in line with our terms and conditions.

If you’re already a Cashplus cardholder with a Total Access account, getting your currency cards is very quick and easy:

  1. Login to the Members’ Area
  2. Click on the ‘Foreign Currency Card’ button
  3. Confirm your personal details
  4. Select ‘Euro card’ or ‘US Dollar card’ and apply
  5. Your new glossy Euro or Dollar Card will be with you in 3-5 working days
PAYG or Pay Monthly. Apply Now.

Getting currency has never been easier

Once you have your Euro or US Dollar card(s), loading currency is simple. You can load in two easy ways:

  • Online through the Members’ Area from anywhere in the world with internet access
  • Take your Sterling to any of over 300 Money Shop stores throughout the UK, where they’ll exchange your money and load it to your currency card account for you

How to transfer

  • Login to the Members’ Area and visit the Foreign Currency Card
  • Select ‘Make a transfer’ and enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Once you’ve exchanged your money it’s usually available within 30 minutes
  • You can top up to a maximum balance of €5,000 or $7,500
  • At the end of your travels you can save your funds for your next trip, or transfer your money back to Sterling

Alternatively, pop into any of the 300+ Money Shop stores. If you have Sterling and want to load currency directly to your account, just exchange your money in store and top up your Euro card with Euros and your Dollar card with US Dollars.

Your money will usually be available to spend in your currency card’s account within just 30 minutes.

Happy Travels!

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