Did you know that you can now have up to four additional cardholders registered to your Cashplus account?

Additional cardholdersWhether during your application or once you have activated and loaded funds onto your Cashplus current account, you can order additional cards by logging into the online Members’ Area.

As the main cardholder, you will be able to keep a track of all spending made on the additional cards.

There are lots of great benefits for having additional cardholders whether it be giving to kids at university a mechanism to budget, for sharing money with family and friends at home or abroad or even to separate personal spending from your business expenses.

Here are some of the benefits of adding extra cardholders to your Cashplus account.

  • Add your partner as a cardholder to manage household budgeting
  • Good for giving kids pocket money and safer than giving them cash at the same time as monitoring what they are spending
  • Great for travel – many cardholders use their Cashplus card for booking flights and holidays
  • Use additional cards to track family expenses
  • Emergency use – many cardholders find comfort in giving companion cards to family members to ensure they have access to available funds in an emergency
  • Additional cards can be used for teenagers and students – adding more security so they’re not having to carry cash around with them, and to enable you to budget their weekly/monthly spend.
  • Additional cards are available to anyone aged 13 or over

If you are worried you won’t be able to keep track of all transactions from the additional cardholders, then you can easily use our Text Alerts to find the balance, last transaction and card status. Alternatively, you can check our mobile app for to find this and other relevant information.

Order your additional cards now by logging in to your Members Area.


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